Do you ship internationally?

The items are shipped internationally from Greece.

When I will get my cards?

The cards will be shipped in 3 days. The delivery time is 1-2 weeks in Europe and 2-4 weeks in US,
South america, Asia, Australia.
If for some reason it doesn’t arrive in 30 business days, a FULL refund will be issued or a new card will be sent. You decide!

Are these cards tournament legal?

No, These cards are for collecting purposes only. However,
judges usually allow them in Locals. Tokens are tournament legal, however the judge still has the final word.

Do you make Custom Cards?

Yes, just click the CUSTOM ORICA button in the menu.

What Payment Methods are accepted?

Currently only PayPal is accepted. Making paypal account is quick and easy.

I don't have PayPal what to do?

If you do not wish to create an account, you can pay with credit card in my Etsy and Ebay stores.
They are cheaper on Etsy. You can find them in Other stores page on the top.

Write me a message. I will more than happy to help!